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Foot Pedal Sealers

AlineSYS.com now has a complete line of Foot Pedal Sealers, Single Impulse sealers, Double Impulse Sealers, Constant Heat Sealers and Hot Stamp Imprinters. Our Single Impulse and Double Impulse sealers range in size from 14.0" all the way up to 26.0", while our Constant Heat Sealers range in size from 8.0" to 16.0".

For information about any of these models, please contact us at 310-715-6600, or by email at: alineinfo@sorbentsystems.com

Single Impulse Sealers

These are the least expensive foot operated sealers we sell. They have one sealing element on the bottom bar. Impulse sealing time is adjustable as is element heat. They do a great job for sealing 1 ½ to 6 mil polyethylene bags and are much superior to table models as you have both hands free and the contents of the bag stays at the bottom due to gravity. Available with a 2mm sealing element or a 5mm sealing element - see model list below.

Each machine comes complete with pedestal, stand, adjustable work table and foot control.
Max Seal Length
Seal Width
5FI350 14" 8 mil 5mm 900W 53 lbs $205.50
5FI450 18" 8 mil 5mm 1200W 55 lbs $210.80
5FI650 26" 8 mil 5mm 1500W 63 lbs $265.50
2FI350 14" 6 mil 2mm 400W 50 lbs $224.60
2FI450 18" 6 mil 2mm 600W 52 lbs $244.60
2FI650 26" 6 mil 2mm 800W 60 lbs $294.60

Double Impulse sealers

Double impulse foot sealers incorporates twin elements ( top and bottom ) for heavier duty applications and can accommodate up to 20 mil material. It makes a 5 mm wide seal, fuses the material from both sides at the same time in less than a second. Will fuse all materials that the constant heat unit will but costs more and is more precise as the seal time is predetermined - will even do vinyl. Each machine comes complete with pedestal, stand, adjustable work table and foot control.
Model Max. Seal Length Max. Seal Thickness Seal Width Watts Weight Price
5DIF350 14" 20 mil 5mm 1000W 56 lbs $306.60
5DIF450 18" 20 mil 5mm 3000W 58 lbs $344.10
5DIF650 26" 20 mil 5mm 4000W 78 lbs $381.60

Double Impulse Units Will Seal Vinyl!

Constant Heat Sealers

These sealers are ideal for producing wide seals on thick bags. These special foot sealers are excellent for sealing mailing bubble bags, polycello films, humidity-proof cellophane film, polyethylene film, aluminum foil coated bags and gussett bags. Creates a beautiful wide mesh seal 5/8 inch wide by 8, 12, or 16 inches long.

Model Max. Seal Length Seal Width Watts Weight Price
CH200FP 8" 15mm - 5/8" 250W 46 lbs $304.00
CH300FP 12" 15mm - 5/8" 350W 50 lbs $340.00
CH400FP 16" 15mm - 5/8" 420W 55 lbs $355.00

Example of seal made with Foot pedal Constant Heat sealer: Note how the knurled cross hatch pattern produces an extremely strong seal. These machines have an additional benefit of having very minimal spare parts requirements over their life.

Hot Stamp Imprinter

Adapter for foot sealers. Seal and print in one operation. Quick and easy usage for imprinting on poly bags, plastic cases and paper for shops, food markets, video & CD packages. For manufacturers of all types that need to code, date, number and identify with a permanent mark.

Comes as a free standing unit with a set of drop in type and roll of foil printing tape for thousands of prints. Makes up to 9 numbers on 3 lines. Does not do sequential serial numbers.

Extra imprint tape available.

Model Max. Letters Lines Stamp Size Voltage Watts Weight Price
HSI663 9 per line 3 11mm x 22mm 110V 60W 20 lbs $389.21

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