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Does Your Business Need A Pouch Sealer For Specific Sealing Applications?

Aline Offers Quality Pouch Sealer Options

If you are in the market for medical pouch sealers, you will be pleased with the pouch sealer options that Aline has to offer. All units will seal Tyvek, laminated foils, PE and in some cases PTFE materials. Temperature settings are accurate to 3° Fahrenheit of set point.  

All our medical pouch sealers are constructed with stainless steel and anodized aluminum. We offer a number of characteristics specific to the medical industry that you will appreciate. These include…

  • Each of our pouch sealer options are pneumatically operated with a digital pressure display
  • Our pouch sealer units are available in 15, 20 and 25 inch seal lengths
  • Each pouch sealer comes with a digital temperature controller that allows you to program your desired temperature and time settings
  • Calibration ports, a certificate of calibration and an IQ/OQ/PQ protocol are available
  • Units are ideal for sealing all Tyvek pouches, laminated or foil structures.
  • Heating elements include 1/4, 3/8 or 1/2 inch single or dual

Aline has the quality sealing solutions you’re looking for. We offer durable dependable sealing equipment for nearly all medical and pharmaceutical companies -- backed by a full one year warranty. Each unit is fully clean room compatible and designed for continuous operation of eight or more hours per day. Water cooled bars are available where continuous or rapid sealing is required.  

Need a sealing solution? No problem for Aline! We will work closely with you and your company to produce a sealer that meets your specific needs. Contact us at 1-310-715-6600 or alineinfo@sorbentsystems.com to learn more!


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