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Heavy Duty Industrial Impulse Heat Sealers
Manufactured in the USA since 1932

Aline Medical Packaging Machinery
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Vertical Impulse Sealers

Available with PLC and touchscreen controls!

Click for Aline Bags All Aline vacuum sealers come with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY! click to view Vertical Impulse Sealer Video
    Vertical Impulse
Sealer Video

ALINESYS.com's Heavy Duty Thermal Impulse Bag Sealers are industrial quality machines constructed from welded steel.  All bag sealers are pneumatically powered and calculated to provide an airtight/watertight seal.  Each bag sealer unit features a low pressure safety close and redundant emergency stop features.  The sealers an be constructed as tabletop units or in seal lengths of up to 240 inches.  Each bag sealer is ideal for sealing ranges of material including polyethylene, laminated films, nylon and even PTFE.  Sealers are available in either standard thermal impulse or with repeatable and verifiable controls for medical or specialty applications.

Every Aline sealer is an ideal replacement for all VERTROD STYLE machinery.

Vertical Vacuum Sealers - Are ideal for tall packages or freestanding liners in drums or boxes.The sealing jaw is height adjustable and perfect for manual or conveyor operations.


Standard or validate-able impulse sealer
Flat Band Elements(1/8, 3/16, 1/4, or 1/2 inch)
Round wire cut-off
Cold or Hot-wire cut
Scrap blow off
Flying Knife
Dual or multiple elements
Water Cooled bars
Water Chiller
Opti-Touch safety Switches
110 or 220 Volts
Custom Options Available

vertical vacuum sealer at 100 inches!

Compact Vertical Impulse Bag Sealer
Compact Vertical 30" Sealer with Open Throat

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Heavy Duty Vertical Impulse Bag Sealer
Heavy Duty Vertical Bag Sealer
Available in
30", 36", 42", 48", 60", 72", 84", and 96" widths

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