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Individual Sealers


The outstanding ALINESYS.com Sealer is a semi-automatic machine engineered to SEAL ALL FILMS for heat sealing applications. All sequences are performed automatically.  No air line required. Features a right angle impulse sealer frame; sealing wire sensor; quick adjust loading shelf; PTFE-coated, open mesh conveyor belt with built-in controls for speed and load capacities. Unit is compatible with ALINE Tunnels. 

Semi-automatic sealer. Seals all films for heat sealing applications


Aline's individual sealers come with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY

Cool-down and shut-off on all tunnels.

Supports All films/Tunnel Heat Control

Speed belt control with automatic load compensation

Solid State Controls Throughout.

Relays are mercury, hermetically sealed.

Adjusting, stainless steel loading shelf and film sep.

Belt is silent and safe. Open mesh glass fiber, coated with PTFE.

Welded sealing frame for positive alignment.

Uses recycled air for maximum energy efficiency.

Magnetic sealing frame/-away conveyor on sealer.






 MODEL 2428-S     

MODEL 3252-S

Overall Dimensions: 
(On Casters)

82"L x 48"W x 44"H   
208.28 cm x 121.92 cm x 111.76 cm 

137"L x 60"W x 44"H
347.98 cm x 152.40 cmx 111.76 cm




L-Sealer Frame:

24" x 28"   

 30" x 52"


60.96 cm x 71.12 cm 

76.20 cm x 132.08 cm




Wrapping Speed:

Up to 20 packages per minute.    

Up to 15 packages per minute.


 Powder Coat. 

Powder Coat.


4" Diameter. (10.16 cm)   

 4" Diameter. (10.16 cm)


One locking wheel.    

One locking wheel.

Shipping Weight:

300lbs. (135.90 Kilograms)  

 500 lbs.(226.50 Kilograms)

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