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Aline Heat Seal Corporation went bankrupt in 2013 due to extreme mismanagement by Charles Schapira. ALINESYS.COM is now being operated by IMPAK Corporation.

Visit www.impakcorporation.com or www.sorbentsystems.com for more information.

We at IMPAK are committed to providing quick responses, outstanding customer service and quality support for any of the machines on this site.

Who We Are

SorbentSystems, the online presence of IMPAK Corporation of Los Angeles, California, is a leader in providing complete packaging systems for products that are sensitive to specific aspects of their environment - whether it be humidity, ultraviolet light, oxygen, or trace gases.

We are a manufacturer and provider of desiccant and packaging products for private and corporate use worldwide.

What is a Sorbent System?

A protective storage environment would consist of a container capable of acting as a barrier from external elements, such as moisture or oxygen. The storage environment would be controlled or effectively altered with a sorbent product within the barrier environment. Example: One sorbent system would consist of a good quality flexible mylar�bag and the correct size of oxygen absorber. The bag itself must be constructed with material which acts as an effective barrier against oxygen from the outside. The oxygen absorber placed inside the properly sealed mylar� bag must be of the size and quality which removes the oxygen and maintains virtually an oxygen-free environment within the bag over an extended period of time. As our name implies, Sorbent Systems delivers effective protective storage environments for:

• Computer Equipment
• Electronic Equipment
• Sensitive Medical Products (such as Pregnancy and AIDS tests)
• Shipping Cargo
• Valuable Documents
• Long Term Food Storage

Our purpose is to provide the highest quality solutions for the protection and preservation of our customers' valuables. We also strive to educate our customers on the importance of desiccant products and increase awareness of the many applications above and beyond electronics, drawing upon several years' experience in all aspects of the field.

Aline Heat Seal Corporation

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