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ALINESYS.com Medivac

Stainless Steel Medical Vacuum Sealer

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June 2003 PMPN article on the Aline medical vacuum sealer

ALINESYS.com Medical Packaging Machinery is extremely proud of our technologically advanced clean room medical vacuum sealer!

No sealer in today's market can compare in form or function to the unique features we offer on this PLC/touch screen driven unit. Of paramount importance, this vacuum sealer contains our trademarked PRECISE SEAL process, which assures the highest level of temperature control currently available on any medical sealing apparatus. Unlike other conventional microprocessors, the PLC turns on power to the heating element by calculating the rise time of the electrical power on every 1/2 cycle and turns off by itself when it reaches zero (zero cross).

We guarantee accuracy to set point at +/- 1 degree F. This is only the beginning of some of the features and benefits available with this new technology.

We also provide three levels of pressure control. Digital low pressure for operator safety and control of the seal bar during the vacuum or purge process. Digital control of high seal pressure, with alarms, separate from the pressure controls necessary to optimize the vacuum generator. All These features guarantee exceptional control and repeatability for any sealing application.

All units can be modified to allow the user to inject ozone or other corrosive gases ino their package.

Every unit is standard with six process recipes and password protected to guard against unintended changes in process variables. Some of the process variables include:

Choice of vacuum and/or purge including multi stage vacuum and purge.

Choice of vacuum, time based or in inches of mercury

Choice of purge based on time or pressure

Cooling controlled by temperature

Digital high and low pressure readings

Seal only

Seal counters for each process

Unlike conventional medical vacuum sealers, our unique dual retracting nozzles continue their vacuum or purge operation during the retraction process. This assures no loss of pressure inside your pouch. Since all air is ported through a single exhaust, no particulate matter is expelled to the atmosphere.

Our touch screen is a 16-color LCD display. The display measures 4.65 inches wide by 3.25 inches high. Though the programming of the PLC is highly complex, the use of the touch screen with all the process variables is extremely user friendly.

All PLC's are programmed to accommodate your individual requirements. Modifications in your custom program can be made anytime after you purchase your unit.

Some of the technologies incorporated in to each PLC include:

Phase control

Floating point calculated PID algorithm with built in auto tuning.

Fast PID algorithm

All units are industrial grade machines designed for continuous sealing of all you thermoplastic materials. Process speeds can be accelerated through the addition of water-cooled seal bars.

Our RS-232 port provides a conduit for data recording systems. Standard calibration ports and built in PLC calibration will assist you in meeting the strictest FDA guidelines.

Every unit sold includes a ONE YEAR WARRANTY, spare parts kit, detailed operating instructions and access to our medical packaging consultant for validation assistance.

Medivac on Universal Stand
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Medivac Controls
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Medivac Back Panel
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Main PLC screen for the Aline Medical vacuum sealer

< Main Touch screen

Digital Pressure with High & Low Alarm >

digital pressure switch with high and low alarm for the Aline Medical vacuum sealer

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