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Vacuum Chamber

The ALINESYS.com SC-680-LR-D

PLC/HMI operated Vacuum Chamber

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ALINESYS.com's PLC/HMI operated vacuum chamber is the most unique of its kind available for optimum control of your vacuum requirements.

Each Stainless Steel vacuum chamber is ideal for all applications including medical, pharmaceutical or industrial applications where precise control over vacuum level is required. The PLC/HMI system allows you to control vacuum draw in inches of HG or time. Either can be maintained to 30 inches of HG or less.  The optional Gas flush system can be programmed with pressure or time. Temperature for the seal bar is controlled through a thermocouple employing the same trademarked Precise Seal process used in all of our medical equipment. The accuracy of the preset temperature is +/- 1 Deg. F. 

Other features include the ability to minimize boil over of liquids and the regulate the speed of air evacuation and reintroduction of atmosphere. Each chamber is validatable with calibration ports making this ideal for validation. Multi stage gas-vac or vac-gas can be easily  programmed in to the touch screen. Up to six password protected processes are also standard as well as multiple alarms, offset screen and a complete troubleshooting menu.

Once you have determined your process parameters the package(s) to be sealed is placed inside the chamber with the open end across the seal bar. The operator closes the lid, the machine then goes through the complete cycle and releases the lid when finished. Typical cycle times range from 15-25 seconds.  

These unique chambers are part of a joint venture with Promarks who have provided Aline with exclusivity to install our advanced temperature control system into the machine. This relationship also allows us to customize each vacuum chamber to meet your requirements. 

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The ALINESYS.com PLC/HMI control panel

Standard Vacuum Chamber features: 

  • Polished 316 Stainless Steel
  • High capacity Busch Vacuum pump
  • Calibration ports
  • Wipe down capability
  • Type K thermocouple
  • Accurate seal bar temperature (+/- 1 deg. F)
  • Vacuum controlled by inches of HG or time
  • Purge controlled by pressure or time
  • Cooling controlled by time or temperature
  • Exhaust port
  • Alarm features
  • Seal counters
  • Trouble shooting screens
  • Dual elements (top and bottom or side by side)
  • Choice of element size (1/8, 3/16, ¼, 3/8 or ½ inch wide)

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